Bob MacKenzie - a Canadian poet
Canadian Poet Bob MacKenzie at the Sleepless Goat Caf´┐Ż - Photo by Chris Kunkel, June 30, 2013

Bob MacKenzie
a Canadian poet

Bob MacKenzie is the author of footsteps in the garden (, 2021).

footsteps in the garden, new and selected poems by Bob MacKenzie (, 2021

On October 21, an international online book launch celebrated Canadian poet Bob MacKenzie's ninth volume of poetry, footsteps in the garden" (, 2021). Published by India's largest book publisher, the book was lauded by a host in the United States in collaboration with a livecast studio in Canada.

Originating from Redheaded Stepchild Magazine in North Carolina and hosted by publisher Malaika King Albrecht, the event featured live performance and conversation from Roswell Rehearsals professional broadcast studio, "Area 51" in Kingston, Ontario. Participants from across North America joined in the Q&A and open mic that followed.

To start the launch off, Bob MacKenzie & Friends gave a twenty-minute performance of poems from footsteps in the garden. The group consisted of Bob MacKenzie along with singer-songwriter and actor B Heaslip performing supporting vocals and musician Reinier DeSmit on accordion. The performance was followed by an interesting Q&A session then a lively open mic.

You can watch the "Book Launch with Bob MacKenzie & Open Mic with Redheaded Stepchild" here.

"It is as though MacKenzie uses the 'garden' as a container in which to express both the personal and the collective spaces between shadow and light. He extends his gardens into cities, buildings, cells, bedrooms, streets and more, giving an architectural 'voice' within a nature-driven 'voice' of places where seeds can root or wither."

"The entire collection, however, has an undertone of jazz. There is a definite and deep appreciation for the musical majesty of jazz, and it reveals itself in poems like 'this is for the jazz' and 'justice', but the flow of the words, the rhythms and unpredictable yet fitting cadence and cross-rhythms mirror the vibe and eloquence of jazz music."
- reviewer Vanessa Shields, Canada

Read Vanessa Shields' full review here.

"Bob MacKenzie starts off his new poetry book with these lines: "in battered stetson and old jeans / he recalls the time of legends" from the poem "an american dream." His use of sparse language gives you just what you need just like this poem lets you know his style of writing poems right up front. ...                                                    

MacKenzie has found his own way of writing, splicing in clever content amidst terrific verses. You will read the difference and maybe hope that all poetry was written like this."
- reviewer LB Sedlacek, United States

Read LB Sedlacek's full review here.

"What do you see? Gardens neatly attended, sparkling in the sun? Plots hidden, overgrown, demanding attention? After the experience of decades of writing and performing poetry, Mr MacKenzie’s garden is all that. "The shadows walk among us", he warns, "stories dark and unrelenting" Footsteps in the garden? The first steps into a journey into Mr MacKenzie’s mind."
- reviewer Leslie Bush, New Zealand

Read Leslie Bush's full review here.

footsteps in the garden is available in Canada from Indigo, direct from (the publisher), and from Amazon worldwide.

Ask your public library or local bookseller to order footsteps in the garden for you.

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