Bob MacKenzie - a Canadian poet
Canadian Poet Bob MacKenzie at the Sleepless Goat Caf� - Photo by Chris Kunkel, June 30, 2013

Bob MacKenzie
a Canadian poet

Bob MacKenzie is the author of unbroken (, 2021).

unbroken, six new long-form poems by Bob MacKenzie (, 2021

Bob MacKenzie’s latest series of long poems, unbroken speaks of outsiders, bullied teens, lost women and men, isolated people of all sorts. Despite the soberness of the topics, he gets inside the heads of his characters in a relatable kindness that keeps the reader glued to the page. His poems read themselves out loud in your mind, their musicality front and centre.

In these poems, he writes entire novels–noir movies sharp as a fedora, mythical travels washed in pain and nature, mob tales that fly between continents, adult romances shrouded in greens and blue, young adult stories coloured the red of fierce action. His imagery is commanding.

My favourite part of the book is “snapshots from the attic,” a series of essentially short stories told in images, each one demanding a pause to look at them, to feel that place. In each one he inserts a line that defines the scene, makes it unforgettable: “four kids stand iconic by the stairs/nobody looks at anyone else here.”

MacKenzie might be “an outsider among outsiders,” as he describes one character in the first poem, but his observation skills are keen. These are not easy poems, and “There’s Something about Persephone” probably needs a trigger warning, but despite the darkness, each read is worthwhile. And worth repeating.
- reviewer: DA Brown, author of Recycled Virgin

A difficult and emotive read, this new suite of poems by Bob MacKenzie explores themes of loss, betrayal, and grief; they demonstrate the power of photography and memory to both reveal, and hide, devastating truths. Interlinked by image and story, they sketch out how we hope and become hopeless, and the many ways we shatter and stiffen in the fires of living. They cannot be called uplifting, but instead are a grim nod to suffering, agency, and survival.

- reviewer: Deanna MacDonald, Next Chapter Counselling & Psychotherapy

Bob MacKenzie's new book of poetry is a literary film-noir. Apocalyptic and psychological themes throughout as well as echoes of The Godfather and Town Without Pity. A dark and wonderful read that grabs you and leaves you wanting more.

- reviewer: Joseph A. Farina, author of Ghosts of Water Street and The Cancer Chronicles

You can get your copy of unbroken direct from (the publisher), as well as from Amazon websites worldwide and other fine online booksellers.

You can also ask your public library or local bookseller to order unbroken for you.

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